What is a URL Shortener and how do URL Shorteners work?

May 6, 2020 by Sean Thomas

URL shorteners help to redirect you to the targeted website even though the link is short. A redirect used to connect you to the required page that comes originally with a longer URL.

The URL shorteners have different features, and according to your business need, you need to choose the one that suits you best. There are a lot of URL Shorteners available in the market, as many companies are offering these surfaces. Each company provides a different range and set of plans and features, so you must do your research correctly. URL shortener companies specialize in various functions such as link branding and link tracking.

How do URL Shorteners work?

URL shortening is complex and simple at the same time. Some multiple websites and plugins can allow you to cut a link short and move the users from one site to another quickly. But the URL shorteners don’t follow such a simple technique. Even though URL shorteners have the word short in it but that doesn’t mean that a URL shortener keeps the link extremely short. New and Modern URL shorteners have their focus on a few other things:

  • Link Branding

  • Embedding

  • Link Tracking

  • Link Re-targeting


Some other factors that are important for URL shorteners are time, speed, and reliability. You can use the strategies that the companies are offering you instead of investing time in your plan. URL shorteners are mainly providing services for websites that have heavy traffic and don’t have much use for people that are regular internet users.

How can you choose the right URL shortener for you?

When you are choosing a link shortener for you, the amount of link you need to generate and the traffic you need to manage must be the two things you must consider. The budget you can invest in it and the number of team members that you have you must take into account all these things. URL shorteners can help your business to flourish so you must consider the best company that provides these services. Most people can get satisfied with a free URL shortener, and it can work for most purposes. If you have a small business or you want to share a few links on your social pages, then you would not need to get a paid plan. If you are a large business and your company revolves around digital marketing, then you might need to get a paid plan at some point.